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Welcome to the official Website for author, columnist, blogger and independent publisher, Michael L. White, not to be confused with another somewhat popular author and professor, L. Michael White, or with a host of other people by the name of Michael White. My bubble burst a long time ago in thinking that I was uniquely named in this world.

On this site you can not only read all about my writing and publishing endeavors, but you can also learn how to succeed as a writer and independent publisher yourself. Just glance over the menu at the top or bottom of each page to decide where you want to go next. Happy reading!

Works in Progress

Parson Place News and Views: This is my blog site where I write about just about anything that interests me. Your comments are welcome, so long as they are pertinent, fair-minded, and respectful. Spam will be deleted without response.

I'm now working on revising and expanding my book Salvation of the LORD into a second edition. I don't yet have a target date for when I expect to complete and release this edition, but I really hope I can do so before the end of this summer. I'll announce here and via my blog and email subscription list when it is finally available for sale to the public.

If you would like to receive periodic updates from me on all my various endeavors (personal and professional), I invite you to subscribe to my email list (which covers everything I'm involved with, including my pastoral ministry, writing, publishing, and software development endeavors). I will announce all my news from there whenever I have something important to share.